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December 26, 2015

Ashtagmakeuplove Features OROGOLD Products in Her Winter Pamper Night Routine

Ashtagmakeuplove is an up and coming beauty vlog by a young lady named Ash, who despite having only made her channel in January of 2014, boasts an impressive thirty-three thousand subscriptions, and just shy of two million views. Ash is a self-proclaimed lover of makeup, home décor and, as she puts it, “all things girly.” On her channel, you can find a variety of videos on these subjects, including tutorial videos, product reviews, shopping hauls, and a miscellany of other things, like one interesting and practical video on how to effectively de-clutter a makeup drawer. Her videos are done in a personal style with quality editing and interesting, easy to follow content. She tends to add thematic music and interesting camera angles and cuts to give her videos a professional edge while retaining their particular upbeat personality.

In her video “Winter Pamper Night Routine 2015,” Ash runs through her personal nightly pampering routine with us, showing how she likes to end her winter days when she really needs some “me time” and much-deserved pampering. Not only is her entire routine—complete with bubble bath, scented candles, festive pajamas, and some hot lemon tea in an appropriately thematic holiday mug—but she also shines a flattering spotlight on several OROGOLD products in this video while simultaneously giving useful practical advice on how to best make use of the products.

She discusses the OROGOLD Golden Body Butter, noting an “amazing” smell, and demonstrating the application technique on camera. Later, she moves to OROGOLD’s 24K Deep Peeling. She highlights the noticeable flecks of gold in the product, and again, reads off instructions for how it’s used while demonstrating on herself.

Finally, she introduces us to OROGOLD’s 24K Nano Night Recovery Serum, and the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment Cream, once again demonstrating for us before ending the video so she can jump into bed and let our products work wonders on her skin overnight.