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February 20, 2016

Brittany Sarah Adds the OROGOLD 24K Sensitive Skin Collection to her Daily Skin Care Regimen

Brittany Sarah is an actress who, interestingly enough, just so happens to be addicted to makeup. Her work in the film industry has, as you might expect, really given her a lot of inside knowledge any aspiring makeup artist or simply anyone who likes makeup even a little might want to know. Of course, like any good makeup enthusiast, she knows the value of skincare in a daily routine, and while the majority of her videos are indeed makeup related, she doesn’t shy away from talking about skincare, either. As you might imagine, her experience as an actress really shows in her videos, which tend to be very professionally done, with good editing, tasteful music, and an animated, energetic feeling to her countenance.

Brittany’s video “Get Ready With Me!! | Filming Day Routine!” is a fun get-ready-with-me style video that features Brittany’s everyday pre-filming routine, including both skincare and makeup. Naturally, we’re more interested in the skincare half, and she features several OROGOLD products in it, all from our Sensitive Skin line. She uses the OROGOLD 24K Sensitive Skin Cleanser, 24K Sensitive Skin Encapsulated Serum, 24K Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer, and 24K Sensitive Skin Eye Cream. She has only good things to say about all of these products. Brittany herself, as you might guess from her product choices, says she has fairly sensitive skin and needs to be careful what products she uses on it.

Notably, OROGOLD’s Sensitive Skin Collection seems to have her seal of approval. She commends the moisturizer for how thick and hydrating it is, commenting on how it looks more like a body butter in terms of consistency, but is meant for the face. The eye cream, she highlights, doesn’t burn at all, and concealer goes on great over the top of it. About the collection as a whole, she proclaims it as excellent for sensitive skin, and finds it great for prepping to film.