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June 16, 2015

The Glam Belle Introduces the OROGOLD 24K Oil-Control Collection

The Glam Belle is a YouTube blog run by a model, makeup artist, entrepreneur, wife and mom of 3, who is still chasing her dreams and loves the road that she has set out upon. The channel has been dedicated to help viewers feel their beautiful best, inside and out. It offers a range of refreshing reviews and tutorials on all things to do with skin care, beauty, hair, workouts, makeup and everyday inspiration. The Glam Belle stresses on the fact that beauty always starts from within and she tries to show that if you have a pretty heart, it always reflects on your face.

In a video titled ”Luxury Skin Care for Oily Skin | OROGOLD 24K Oil Control Collection”, The Glam Belle introduces the perfect solution for oily skin guys and gals in the form of the OROGOLD 24K Oil Control Collection. She describes OROGOLD Cosmetics as a brand that offers a specific collection for people with oily skin to help them calm problematic skin issues, make a difference to their acne problems and keep their oil production under control.

The Glam Belle says that she has been using the collection for a while and is extremely impressed with the results. She loves the way each of these products has been packaged and reveals that she is a huge fan of the packaging. The Glam Belle also highlights the smell that each product offers, and says that it makes you feel as if you’ve just walked out of the spa.

The Glam Belle describes OROGOLD products as complete luxury and says that our products work. We are really thankful for this refreshing video and would like to invite guys and girls with oily skin to the OROGOLD Store for a complimentary demonstration of the 24K Oil-Control Collection.