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Dama Reviews the OROGOLD Cosmetics Vitamin C Collection

Dama is a popular vlogger on YouTube who has dedicated her channel to offering her viewers with the best and hottest insights into the world of fashion, beauty, food, OOTD and DIYs. In one of her videos, Dama reviews the OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection and talks about why she is particularly impressed with this collection from OROGOLD Cosmetics.

Dama says that her skin has been suffering from a lot of acne, particularly on her cheeks. Dama also reveals that she always had a lot of acne in school, probably due to the stress that school life involves. She has been suffering from dark spots, discoloration and acne spots as well. To help sort out her issues, she decided to give the OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection a try and the results that the collection had to offer led her to share it with her viewers.

Dama found OROGOLD Cosmetics to actually help in clearing out her skin, alleviate her scarring and remove her dark spots. In this video, Dama reviews the products from the OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection and tells her viewers how reach product worked on her skin. Dama was also impressed with the OROGOLD packaging because of the gold color and because of the fact that it made the products look and feel really luxurious.

The first product that Dama reviewed was the Vitamin C Mask, something which she felt was equivalent to applying honey on the skin. The next product reviewed by Dama is the Vitamin C Cleanser and she found that a little cleanser goes a long way. She recommends her viewers to use a single pump of the cleanser. Finally, she reviews the Vitamin C serum. She found out that the serum smells citrusy and feels very slippery and super soft, unlike most other serums which feel greasy on the skin.

OROGOLD Cosmetics would like to thank Dama for her exciting review about the OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Collection and we are extremely delighted to hear that our products have actually helped her to reduce skin issues like acne, dark spots and skin discoloration.

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