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January 7, 2016

Theycallme_Mo Shows You How to Get Unready with OROGOLD

Theycallme_Mo is a channel by a youtuber and beauty blogger simply going by “Mo,” who makes a wide variety of intriguing beauty-related videos that are noticeably well-made, with excellent editing and a style that makes them mesmerizingly fun to watch, with catchy music in the background and attractive camera angles and cuts that really impress. She reviews makeup and skincare products, makes lifestyle videos on everything from exercise to her love life, as well as the expected tutorials, hauls, and the like that tend to come with being a makeup vlogger. Also notable are her videos on finding good makeup choices for dark skin, a topic sadly oft-forgotten in the predominantly white, euro-centric beauty industry.

In her video “get un-ready with me,” Mo shows us her end-of-day routine as she takes off makeup, relaxes, takes care of her skin and gets ready for bed. The video is wordless; she practices “show, don’t tell” to great effect as she simply goes about her routine, highlighting things with clever camera shots and superimposed lettering and just doing her thing.

Several OROGOLD products are featured prominently in this video. In it, Mo comes home to her apartment, snags some wipes to take off her face makeup, and then follows up with OROGOLD’s 24K Sensitive Skin Cleanser. We get to see her apply it methodically, silently showcasing not only the product but the way it’s meant to be used, too. She follows this up with a 24K Vitamin C Mask, then starts bathwater running, adding a bit of honey and taking some time to relax. Finally, she shows us a sweeping view of all the OROGOLD products she uses, which does a wonderful job of highlighting the attractive packaging and casting a flattering light on these luxurious skincare gems. She closes by moisturizing and smiling at the camera before the credits roll.