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How to Use OROGOLD 24K DMAE Collection

You would agree that almost everyone likes to take special care of their skin before a major event, function or ceremony so that they can look their beautiful best. OROGOLD understands your need to ensure that your skin glows during a special occasion and helps you ensure that it follows your instructions by offering you with a special collection for those special occasions.

This video introduces the OROGOLD 24K DMAE Collection, a collection that has been named after one of its main anti-aging ingredients – DMAE. The ORO GOLD 24K DMAE Collection has been designed to give your skin an instant lifting and firming effect before special events.

The 24K DMAE Collection contains four exciting products – the 24K DMAE Lifting Concentrate Serum, the 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream, the 24K DMAE Instant Stretching Mask and the 24K Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution.  Use the mask in the morning or the night before your special occasion. You should be able to feel the product’s effects within 50 minutes. Follow up the mask with the 24K DMAE Lifting Concentrate Serum. Remember, a few drops are more than enough to cover the entire face and neck area.

The 24K Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution has been created for all those of you with issues like crow’s feet and fine lines on your facial skin. It is packaged in an exciting needle free syringe which helps you to deliver the product directly onto the areas of most concern. Finally, complete the DMAE routine with the 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream to moisturize your skin.

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