November 15, 2014

Shahar Sean Dalal Introduces the OROGOLD Facial

In this video, Shahar Sean Dalal, an OROGOLD Store Owner at the Glendale Galleria Mall in California, talks about the experience that OROGOLD Facials have in store for you. The OROGOLD Facial is by far one of our most celebrated and popular services and OROGOLD customers all over the world are known to be in love with the unique experiences that the OROGOLD facial has to offer.

As one of our signature services, we also lay a lot of stress in ensuring that the OROGOLD Facial is everything that it promises to be. To ensure that it offers you with the pampering and luxury that you desire, OROGOLD only uses exclusive OROGOLD products and collections for the facial. This helps us to re-create that perfect spa-like feel and when coupled with the opulent atmosphere of our facial rooms, we can actually help you enjoy a soothing and blissful experience.

Sean takes you through each and every step of the OROGOLD facial – right from the time you get a sample of the OROGOLD Day Cream to the skin consultation with an OROGOLD skin specialist to the facial itself. Remember, here at OROGOLD, each facial is different from the next. We customize our facials based on your skin requirements and use OROGOLD products that would suit your needs the most.

This helps us to ensure that each facial transforms your appearance and makes your skin look younger and better instantly.

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