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Introducing the OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection

This video introduces one of the most popular collections from OROGOLD Cosmetics – the 24K Termica Collection. This collection is also known as our “heating collection” because it consists of a set of unique products that heat up upon contact with the skin. The ORO GOLD 24K Termica Collection has been designed to complement your regular skin care routine. You need to use this collection once a week for the first month of use and once a month thereon.

In this video, Eliran Lulon shows you how to use the OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection in the correct order. You can use this collection to awaken your skin and make it look younger, softer and healthier. The Termica Collection from OROGOLD contains skin care ingredients like Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Sodium Hyaluronate which help you to give your skin a nourished and hydrated look.

There are four products in the OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection – a serum, a day cream, a night cream and a mask. Denise Richards, a popular Hollywood celebrity, named the Termica Collection as her favorite OROGOLD Collection. She also named the 24K Termica Energizing Mask as her favorite OROGOLD product. Denise mentions that the product heats up on the skin, the skin gets really warm and that she noticed a difference right away.

If you’re interested in trying out the OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection, all you need to do is head over to the nearest OROGOLD Store for a free product demonstration or order for these products online from the OROGOLD website.

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