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The Wonders of Gold

OROGOLD shows you the various wonders that gold has to offer in this video.

Gold has been one of the most popular metals in civilizations across history. Its unique brilliance, luster and malleability makes it one of the most sought after metals in the world. Even before gold began to be used as a form of currency, it was always precious to people. Gold is believed to be the first known metal that was highly sought after all over the world and it has also been linked  to royalty throughout history.

According to Dr. David A. Amato, L. Ac., gold based medicines were used all throughout history by ancient Egyptian, ancient Chinese and ancient Indian cultures. He mentions that the ancient Egyptians used gold because they felt that it stimulated the energies in the body which could help in curing a multitude of diseases as well as restoring youthfulness to the skin. Dr. David A. Amato also talks about the use of gold in the Chinese culture. He says that the Chinese used gold to cure diseases like fungi, small pox, joint pain, and more. In fact, the use of gold for good health is still honored in China by cooking rice in a pot that has a gold coin to replenish minerals in the body.

Even though technological and scientific progress has grown in leaps and bounds, the charm and appeal of gold has never dwindled. Even after thousands of years, it is still one of the most sought after metals in the world and it still holds great intrinsic value. However, the growth of science and technology has certainly managed to increase the use of gold in all sorts of modern day applications, including various fields of medicine.

Nowadays, gold is commonly used in elixirs, creams and lotions. Gold plated needles are also used in the field of acupuncture. Gold also has a number of important industrial applications. Scientists and physicists have just rediscovered the wonders that gold has to offer when added to cosmetics. And what better way to try out gold based cosmetics than to purchase a product from one of the brands  leading the way when it comes to gold based skin care products and collections, OROGOLD Cosmetics. Keren Ballard, an OROGOLD skin care specialist, states that gold helps the skin regain its freshness, makes the skin look healthy and younger as well.

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