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November 15, 2014

Spicing Up the OROGOLD 24K Men’s Collection

In this video, Eliran Lulon shows you how to use each product from the OROGOLD 24K Men’s Collecion and talks about the wonders that each product has to offer to the male skin.

OROGOLD Cosmetics understands the need to offer its male customers with a special set of products for the male skin. After all, men deserve to have luxury skin care products that cater to their specific skin problems as well. Although all OROGOLD Collections can work perfectly on the male skin, men do need something that specially caters to their grooming requirements due to the constant shaving. The 24K Men’s Collection from OROGOLD offers men with a collection for their daily skin care routines which has been designed to address the signs of aging as well as shaving using just four products.

Men can be rest assured of protecting their skin from the damage caused by elements like the sun, wind and your daily routines like shaving with the help of this exciting collection from OROGOLD. Even if you don’t shave daily, but are looking for something to ensure that your skin looks smooth and feels soft, you can always use the 24K Men’s Facial Serum and the 24K Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer.

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