December 19, 2014

ABC News Reviews OROGOLD Cosmetics

OROGOLD’s ultra luxurious products are featured on ABC News Try-Day Friday. Gold has always been a timeless symbol of luxury and OROGOLD offers you just that, luxury bottled in skincare products. Watch as ABC visits OROGOLD’s flagship US store in New York to take a look at the beautifying effects of OROGOLD’s products and experience the luxury of gold skincare. ABC’s Genevieve Shaw Brown spoke to OROGOLD representatives to learn more about the benefits of the luxury ingredients found in OROGOLD’s products like gold, pearls, caviar, and even diamonds! While there she got the opportunity to indulge in a complimentary facial experience just like those OROGOLD offers customers. Watch the video to find out what she thought about it. ABC’s visit to the New York store came at just the right time as OROGOLD was celebrating the grand opening of 2 new stores. Even more exciting, the store that ABC visited has been marked as OROGOLD’s brand new gleaming flagship in the United States. The grand opening festivities included champagne, customized OROGOLD snacks, even a harpist to serenade guests.

OROGOLD was very excited to play host to ABC News at our new flagship. What did you think of the news segment on OROGOLD? Tell us your thought in the comments below after you watch the clip!

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  1. Amber

    Love 🙂

  2. hope chance to win your giveaway ..thank you

  3. Irina Khapsalis

    I love Orogold Cosmetics!!!

  4. loredana

    Orogold is an unique brand, indeed a luxury one, as told in the short video. Accessibility of orders should be an aspect that needs improvement for those customers abroad who discovered the brand and want to have it. Congrats for the new opening. Can hardly wait to see as new one in Europe.

  5. allison corbett

    I just love it. It is that simple. LOVE

  6. Lucy

    I love your stuff❤️

  7. Lucy

    I love your products!

  8. soni

    Love the products

  9. Barbara

    The news segment on ABC news was informative and portrayed an air of elegance. I think it was surprising to have stated prices as it really is high-end skin care, but seems to cater to multiple skin needs.

  10. shaziya omar

    Looks like a nice product

  11. Lisa Wong

    Love orogold!!

  12. Kathryn Mackey

    Nice but too expensive

  13. tamra gibson

    I am truly amazed at the products used in the cool post on abc and i am usually very skeptical but for some reason u got me on this

  14. zainab

    Very nice product.

    • zainab

      I used that one, it is soft, gently cleaning. Simply you feel like a queen.

  15. Paula Seed

    My skin is so dry and have tried so many products in the past.It would be really nice to win this.


    I will like to have taste of it and if possible be a distributor here in Nigeria

  17. Kianna

    I love orogold!

  18. Yaroslav Sagan

    This product is a great gift for my Wife. I think it is worth those money in its luxury.

  19. michelle Scarafiotti

    Absolutely fabulous product I just had a facial done, I feel and look amazing.

  20. Melissa Pelton

    I just tried this product for the first time and had amazing results within minutes. Thank you Fabio.

  21. Michelle Scarafiotti

    I just tried this product and saw amazing results within minutes. I can’t wait to try all your products. Thank you

    Michelle S

  22. chen

    Great products.

  23. Shawnee

    Love all your products! Can’t wait to try this one

  24. Janine Swart

    1 day for a christmasshopping in Londen. What a big surprise this Orogold, fantastic. I cant afford this, but it is really the best i ever had on my skin!

  25. robyn donnelly

    This is really nice but a little intimidating in price.

  26. akil

    Hi, i have looked into your product and i think they are amazing, i have a huge network of people whom are all influenced by me and i will .be more than happy to recommend them to your products. Please send me free products so that i can try.

  27. susan serfontein

    Please help me! My skin is so dry and I saw your produk on doctors.

  28. robin Saunders

    Great Products, Amazing Results

  29. Kristyna

    Wish to be able to try some of your products. Heard only great things about them….unfortunately they are not affordable! Hope to win or get a sample…Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  30. maria

    I would like to win this one 🙂

  31. Love

  32. Suzanne Duchow

    I just found orogold…love love love their products

  33. Suzanne Duchow

    I love their products would love it even more if I could win some!

  34. Fatima

    I would love to win this lovely product <3


  36. rosemary

    Merry Christmas

  37. Cassandra

    Life changing and worth the investment into your self. If you can smoke ciggerates,eat fast food ,buy cheap products in grocery stores which none of these things are healthy . IT;S CALLED SELF-PRESERVATOIN TO YOU FIRST SAVE YOUR MONEY AND INVEST !!!!

  38. Would love to try and review on my blog! 😀

  39. Nancy Mbakata

    I’m an African-American American woman and I must admit that orogold is the best thing which ever!! And I mean it ever happened to me!! I’m hooked.

  40. Dacia

    Ahhhhmazing!!! Plz, plz pick me!!!!! 🙂

  41. Wendy Markwardt

    I’ve tried the peel and I love it.

  42. nykyorker

    iLovethis- cool’

  43. Karen L.

    I have loved every product I have tried from orogold. I love their products and how they make my ski feel.

  44. kathy mcclanahan

    As usual a great informational video and thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Patti lovecky

    I really really think your product is exceptional, but too pricey for me.

  46. Peggy Nelson-Aguilar

    Just purchased my first product on vacation and was really impressed.

  47. claudia capparella

    Very good products

  48. tamra gibson

    I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be able to use a product like this and see results. I have tried so many things and i long for that alive look again in my face and skin. As we age i think we lose even more self confidence esp

  49. tamra gibson

    Especially as we get older time shows so much and people look and even make comments as if you would want dead looking skin. Thank u for the chance. I wouldn’t change a thing about the video i felt as if i was there 🙂

  50. louie mertyn

    i love orogold 24k deep moisturizer….
    i can’t wait to have it!

  51. tamra gibson

    So hate to see this end but looking for that gold ray of hope. Good luck to all

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