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Samantha Shuerman Unboxing the Glossybox Mother’s Day Box

Samantha Shuerman is a soft-spoken and fabulous YouTube beauty vlogger with a pleasant, easy to listen to voice and a variety of useful and informative beauty videos, primarily on makeup.

Sam’s video, “Glossybox Unboxing Mother’s Day Box,” showcases a particular … Read More

Do It Like Doli Unboxes the OROGOLD Box

Do It Like Doli is a fun little Youtube channel with a variety of videos on random topics. Doli enjoys YouTubing but doesn’t stick to a single theme, which means you can find all kind of neat things on her … Read More

SuperPrincessjo Reviews 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection

SuperPrincessjo is a youtube beauty channel owned by Jyoti, a professional beauty vlogger who specializes in easy to follow makeup videos, hair care, skin care, DIY projects, and various tips and tricks. As both a vlogger and a blogger, she … Read More

RaisingHazel Reviews the OROGOLD Box

RaisingHazel Is a channel by a young lady named Mikah, who originally started the channel when she got pregnant with her kid Hazel, as she wanted to document and share her journey into motherhood. Currently, the channel sticks around as … Read More