February 4, 2016

Rosa Klochkov Reviews the OROGOLD Box

Rosa Klochkov is a beauty guru and youtuber with multiple channels, one for personal vlogs, and one for beauty tutorials, hauls, reviews, and the like. Rosa’s beauty channel has a high concentration of makeup videos, and her love of makeup is evident in all of her videos, as she’s always fully made up with a different, interesting and fresh look for each video. Her videos are well edited and exciting, with catchy music in the intros. Rosa considers herself a beauty junkie, and is not only a full-time student but also a full-time worker, making YouTube the main creative outlet of her life, not to mention making it even more impressive that she produces all the content she does.

In her video “Gold Infused Skincare?! OROGOLD Box Review | Rosa Klochkov,” Rosa reviews the ever-popular OROGOLD subscription box. Notably, throughout the video, she continually discusses pricing in practical terms, and explains why the box can be such an excellent deal for those who like the sound of OROGOLD, but need to be sure they like it before they spend too much money. She shows off the contents of the number box no. 2: the 24K Deep Peel, 24K Body Cream, and 24K Milk Cleanser, and discusses each of them while reading off instructions and giving first impressions, even trying a few of them on herself right in front of us for (presumably) the first time.

She notes the wonderful, clean scent of the products, the elegant packaging (notably commenting that the golden ball container for the Deep Peeling looks like the golden snitch from Harry Potter). Rosa was particularly impressed with the body cream; using it on the spot, she liked the fact that it was lightweight and not too greasy, but very hydrating, something she anticipates will be quite beneficial to her dry elbows.