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February 10, 2016

Mrslolalynn Features OROGOLD Cosmetics in Her Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2016

Mrslolalynn is a fun, energetic YouTube beauty vlogger with a host of beauty, makeup, skincare, and lifestyle videos boasting an impressive near 70 thousand subscribers and over 6 million views. She pumps out quality content with at least three a week on most weeks. She describes herself as a mom, wife, blogger, vlogger, friend and beauty addict.

In her video “VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE | 2016,” Mrslolalynn gives her viewers a host of fun ideas to give to a partner on valentine’s day, useful whether you yourself need ideas for what to get your special someone or they’re the one who needs help for you and the video will give you ideas to pass on to them, either way, it’s a great idea.

She goes through a host of interesting ideas, everything from lingerie subscription boxes to lip products to perfumes and colognes to heart shaped pizza. In addition to these chic items, she did, in fact, spend a chunk of her video recommending OROGOLD. To be specific, she pitched the OROGOLD subscription box as a fun gift idea, and reviewed each product in the box, which she herself had gotten and used. She introduces OROGOLD as a brand and talks a little about the use of gold in skin care and the storied history of its use as such. She notes that the peeling gel made her skin feel lovely after just the first use. The 24K Milk Cleanser, she reports, is very delicate, and seems excellent for sensitive skin.

She further elaborated on how soft and clean her skin felt after using the cleanser. Of the 24K Body Cream, she was possibly the most impressed out of everything in the box, exclaiming that it was incredibly moisturizing and her skin was lusciously smooth and hydrated after using it. Additionally, she discusses the box itself and it’s price point, and explains that it’s a nice, affordable way to try OROGOLD before committing.