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April 16, 2015

Beautysworld Reviews OROGOLD 24K CyrogeniC Diamond Mask

Beautysworld is a popular YouTube channel that is run by a certified makeup artist who loves to film videos in her free time. From offering exciting product reviews to featuring the best looks for clubbing, from learning how to highlight and contour to decrypting the hottest hairstyles, Beautysworld is one of the best destinations for all things to do with beauty and skin care. New videos are uploaded onto the channel every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and this means that you never have a shortage of videos to choose from either. Already boasting of more than 65000 subscribers, Beautysworld is among the hottest beauty channels on YouTube to subscribe to!

In a video titled “Diamonds and Gold all on my face! OROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask!”, Beautysworld features the OROGOLD 24K CyrogeniC Diamond Mask, one of the most exclusive products that OROGOLD Cosmetics has on offer. The video starts off by reviewing the product packaging and introducing the gold and diamond studded product and goes on to offer product specs and the product review. Beautysworld also talks about some of the main ingredients used in this mask and describes it as a “genie in a bottle”.

OROGOLD would like to invite you to a complimentary product demonstration of this exclusive product at the nearest OROGOLD store. We would also like to thank Beautysworld for this exciting product review and hope that it continues to bring about a difference in her skin care regimen.