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November 3, 2015

Makeup by Fahreen Presents Nighttime Skin Care Routine with OROGOLD

Makeup by Fahreen is a channel by makeup, lifestyle and beauty vlogger Fahreen, a lovely young lady with a pleasant, easy to listen to voice who offers her thoughts on a variety of beauty related topics, and—like most good makeup gurus—knows that high-quality skin care is crucial to success and natural-looking beauty when it comes to makeup. As such, she includes a few notable skincare videos, like the one we’re spotlighting today.

Fahreen’s video “Nightime skincare routine with Orogold xx” is a get-ready-with-me style video that covers how Fahreen manages to keep her skin so vibrant and healthy throughout all her videos. It starts out like any get ready with me video; with Fahreen removing her makeup, using some makeup wipes, a face brush, and a cleanser. After this, she quickly gets into the good stuff: OROGOLD. She’s pretty enthusiastic about OROGOLD products, even going so far as to claim they’re nothing short of the secret to her good skin.

Fahreen uses the 24k Bio-Brightening Complex Peel while talking to the camera and enthusing about OROGOLD, noting how much her skin was glowing after just the peel, and then following up with the Hyper-Pigmentation Mask, Dark Spot Solution, and Dark Surface Solution from the same product like (the 24k Bio-Brightening Collection), and finishing it all off with OROGOLD’s 24k Deep Renewal Night Cream. Fahreen tells us that the gold in OROGOLD products adds a lovely radiance to her complexion, and the Bio-Brightening line really helps with her sun spots and hyperpigmentation in general, while the Deep Renewal Night Cream is incredibly moisturizing, so much so that her skin still feels wonderfully plump and smooth the next morning. Fahreen has in fact been using OROGOLD products for five whole years, and loves them to death; surely a testament to the brand’s quality.