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May 8, 2015

Mother’s Day Special: OROGOLD 24K Caviar Collection with Niki Crow and Her Mom

Niki Crow is a popular Vlogger on YouTube who offers her subscribers access to exciting makeup and hair tutorials, fashion updates, advice on beauty and skin care and insider looks into the hottest trends. Niki’s channel has more than 2200 subscribers and has already managed to get over 72000 views.

Niki recently posted a video titled “OROGOLD – Exclusive 24K Caviar Collection Review!”, where she reviewed our 24K Caviar Collection together with a surprise guest, her mom! The video shows the noticeable differences in the skin of both these lovely ladies and helps viewers understand how the product works on different skin types. Both Niki and her mom felt major differences in the way their skin looked just one week after using the collection. While Niki felt that the products felt like skin and made her feel expensive, her mom mentioned that the collection helped in letting her skin stay hydrated all day, thereby allowing her to gain more confidence in her appearance.

OROGOLD is delighted to see the 24K Caviar Collection help Niki and her mom spend some quality time with each other, and with mother’s day just around the corner, Niki couldn’t have found a better time to post this video.

We hope that this video acts as an inspiration for daughters wanting their mothers to some of the most luxurious treatments on Mother’s Day and transform a simple everyday routine into a special mini spa day.