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January 14, 2015

OROGOLD VIP Facial Featured on BBC – ORO GOLD Reviews

OROGOLD High Street Kensington store was recently featured in a new series airing on BBC Two in the UK. Jacques Peretti, host for this fascinating new show, was treated to a 24K Gold Mask facial in this series, entitled “The Super-Rich and US”. Lena, an OROGOLD skin care specialist welcomes Jacques to the store’s VIP facial room where he indulges in a luxurious gold facial. Lena performs a facial using the 24K Gold Mask, one of OROGOLD’s most high end products, while explaining the usual procedure for facials at OROGOLD. Jacques’ experience highlights the opulence and relaxation offered by a visit to an OROGOLD VIP facial room. Each OROGOLD VIP room offers a slightly different and unique experience. In fact, some of our locations offer VIP rooms boasting of accommodating couples (for that romantic facial you have been dreaming of) or even groups (for a super amazing outing for the ladies). Though this segment offers a peek into the world of OROGOLD’s most high-end experiences, OROGOLD offers a large range of products and services which accommodate many different customers and skin types. Our process starts with an in depth, complimentary skin consultation during which one of our consultants chats with you about your skin and skin care habits to determine what products and regiment would be most suitable for you. From there you can choose to pamper your skin with just a necessary product, like the popular OROGOLD Deep Peeling, or with a whole collection. From simple cleansers to products with exorbitant ingredients like pearls and diamond dust, OROGOLD is designed to help peel the years of your appearance with a golden touch. After all, just as the program states, why simply wear gold when you can deep cleanse with it?

BBC Two is the second TV channel that is run and operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. This exciting channel covers all sorts of subjects, but particularly concentrates on more high society programmes as opposed to the mainstream BBC One. The station was launched in the year 1967 as the first TV channel in Europe to offers its viewers regular color broadcasts. The channel has retained its elite status ever since and is an ideal place for anyone wanting insights into the best “elite” programmes of Britain.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is ecstatic to have our luxurious VIP treatments and our VIP room featured on BBC Two. We invite you to indulge in luxury like you’ve never experienced before at an OROGOLD store in one of our plush VIP rooms.

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  1. Avatar

    amazing product really love it

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    Rebecca Thompson

    I love orogold and use the acne treatment it has worked wonders love it.

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    gina Louro

    Pick me! I love your products….

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    I love these products!

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    The very best there is! The difference is visible and undeniable!

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    Sandy Gan

    I am using Orogold skin product hope to have a try on the 24K gold Mask!

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    n. Singh

    I am now almost 3 years return customer and still in love with your products!

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    Amazing product

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    hope to b win

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    Suzanne Duchow

    Please pick me…it’s My 50th birthday on Sunday

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    Love this product. It makes me feel soecial

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    What a difference this makes! Don’t want to do botox so will happily do orogold instead!

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    I sampled 24K Vitamin booster…and loved it! Hope to win some day anything from your line since lot of products are not affordable for me:-( I believe they are all fabulous though and can do magics;-) Thank you.

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    january 13 15. i went to the mall in glendale ca. i bumped into the sale guys at the store gives me some try out products.
    amazing products really love it. love it love it

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    Amazing products

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    it is all worth it!!!!

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    Amazing product !!!!

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    Nicole Golden

    We tried the products at International Mall in Tampa recently and were blown away! This line is phenomenal!

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    Really good products.. It does take away the years off your face 🙂

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    Love these products

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    Hasti Ghaznavi-McAlley

    Great product!

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    I was given a sample of the OROGOLD moisturizer and fell in love with it. I now buy and use it daily. Thank you for creating a GREAT product.

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    Nicole Margrif

    Love Orogold products.

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    Love the products

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    The product feels amazing on my hand as I sampled it, but i cant wait to try it on my face!!! ps. i like facials!!!! 🙂

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    Carmen Ruehl

    Perfekt for somebody thats 50. :-

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    Amy Heffernan

    Sounds amazing product

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    Your products are beyond amazing!

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    I use Orogold cleanser, and body cream for two years, and I highly recommend everyone to use Orogold products. Orogold is the best.

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    kristen visser

    thanks for the chance! would love to try

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    This looks great for my dry skin,

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    Inge Speemanns

    Wow, congratulations on getting featured! You guys have lovely products.

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    Kevin D. Coahran

    looks like a amazing product hopeful to win so i can try it out

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    What luxurious products!

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    How great to have luxurious VIP treatments with OROGOLD!

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    Vicky Watkins

    Sounds like an amazing product

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    perlita mata

    love this giveaway, hope I win 🙂 i could use a deep day moisturizer

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    amazing product .. best moisturiser I have ever used

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    David Fultner

    I have heard of it. I would like to give it a try.

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    kanchan Rastogi

    love the product

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    Janice Santillo

    I would LOVE to try the deep peel mask. Bet it would do my skin a world of good.

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    Amazing products, I love ORO GOLD !

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    C’est un produit de luxe que j’aimerais bien essayer.

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    Carol Oddy

    Wow, lots of treatments to get good results but it looks like it is worth it. I would love to try some of this.

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    Carol Oddy

    This product looks really good.

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    Carol M.

    The products sound very interesting.

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    Cheeney Roa

    Great products. I wish I could have one 🙂

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    lynda o'connor

    I would love to win this cream.

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    Vicki Andrew

    I tried the peel and love it, leaves my skin glowing and fresh

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    robyn donnelly

    I would love to try the product and see how it works for my skin.

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    I wanna try this because i want to feel beautiful inside and out..

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    John Paul Basa

    I want to try this

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    Linda Stevenson

    Learning to enjoy the products

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    Julie Murphy

    I would like to win for my mom.

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    I have tried the products and are fabulous, I recommend it!

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    Wow, prize moisturer is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Pimp my skin,

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    Narissara Anusornpanich

    love the products

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    The Orogold products sound great, I’d love to try them.

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    Annalou Salut

    i love you products!

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    awesome product, it works wonderful

  63. Avatar

    fabulous stuff! the moment i put it on i look younger!

  64. Avatar

    Cannot wait to try all the products!! Are they available in Mexico?

    • Avatar

      Hi Zuly, Yes! We have 3 stores in Mexico. To find the store near you, visit

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    Olivia Hooker

    I would love to try this produce because I love my others!!

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    Would love to try this product.
    Heard so much about it

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    Catharine B.

    Would love to win this and try this.

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    Love love love these products they’re amazing

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    While walking through the mall, I was approached by a rep from the ORO store. I was then shown the products, tested them on my hand. The gentleman rep that was with me was totally sweet. I am EXTREMELY skeptical about new products on my skin because I am seriously hypersensitive to everything. Let me tell you, this product is truly amazing!!! If I can use it, anybody can!! I will definitely be getting more products!!!!!!

  70. Avatar
    Elzbieta Kowalska

    Looks like amazing products, thanks.

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    Magdalena Pedraza

    Love your Products.. The 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream is Just Perfect for My Skin.

  72. Avatar
    Shahab Ahmad

    I would love to try the product and see how it works for my skin.

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    Shirley Craig

    I love the products. Expensive but well worth the cost.

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    Vanya Geneva

    I would love to try the product .

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    Georgene Rodenburg

    I think I have stumbled on to something wonderful.

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    Angeles Bonaga

    Es excelente! Un privilegio de productos! I live it!

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    Just purchased the deep peel today, it’s amazing! I’d love to try the moisturizer too.

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    Bought the 24K peeling from the Store in LA and loves it!

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    Looks amazing! I’d love to try it!

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    Just starting use of Orogold products at 60ty, I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and what a big change! It has removed 10 years from my face. Can’t wait to see what the difference will be after 3 months of use. Worth every penny.

  81. Avatar
    Cary Somers

    I have tried a lot of different products with lots of promises of the world and no wrinkles but so far nothing. I would like to try a product or two and test them out to see if they will work on my skin. My skin gets used to products very quickly and then they are no longer effective.

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    bl adam

    I wish to purchase Orogold products as I am low on products already purchased.

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    just tried 24k vitamin c facial cleanser and booster. Never felt anything like it in my life!!! Too good to be true. If it works half as good as it feels, it is a real winner?

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    ilaria carraro

    i would try hese products, they look fantastic

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    Sounds absolutely amazing!! Would love to give it a go and really see how it is.

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    My husband spent a small fotune on your products for me for xmas. I was a little overwhelmed and skeptical of the products until I realized that they had transformed my feet and my face. I have had issues with oily face and dry feet for years and have tried everything including “as seen on tv” products to no avail.
    Who knew my husband would purchase the only products that have changed the way I feel about my skin and myself. I recommend orogold to everyone I know now!!! I would like to try other products I don’t have and show my family and friends more of your line! Well worth the money.

    Bonnie Easton

  87. Avatar

    would love to try this on my skin. As I get OLDER, my skin needs more help.

  88. Avatar
    Jessica Gazhenko

    So in love with my golden face! Iv been using the gold peeler and day moisturizer! Got my gold mask facial yesterday and can visibly see the difference in pores getting smaller, eye bags decrease and certainly have a glow! I promise even after one time my wrinkles softened. Can’t wait to see what 2 months of facial will do!

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    I love the smell! !

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    Amazing !

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    Jennifer Herman

    Nice products – Nice giveaway!

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    John Herman

    I would like to win this!

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    John Herman

    It would be really nice to win this!

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    Just beginning to use these products. Impressed so far.

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    Thomas Murphy

    I would love to win this!

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