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May 5, 2016

Samantha Shuerman Unboxing the Glossybox Mother’s Day Box

Samantha Shuerman is a soft-spoken and fabulous YouTube beauty vlogger with a pleasant, easy to listen to voice and a variety of useful and informative beauty videos, primarily on makeup.

Sam’s video, “Glossybox Unboxing Mother’s Day Box,” showcases a particular Glossybox box with several premium mother’s day themed items. She goes through each item individually and tells us about it, adding her own commentary and providing a useful look at the contents of the box.

Glossybox is a beauty subscription box service that delivers five luxury beauty products to your door every month for $21 a month, offering a host of beauty items that span makeup, skincare, perfume and more, and offer an amazing value and good variety. You never know what you’ll find in your GlossyBox, but you always know it’ll be good.

The limited edition mother’s day box includes several products, from eyeliner to dark spot corrector to a fruity perfume. This particular box also includes the OROGOLD Cosmetics 24K Bionic Complex Thermal Mask, which Samantha happens to have a few comments on. While she has yet to actually use the product herself, she comments on the noteworthy container and how pretty it is.

She shows us the contents of the container and how fluid it is, and gives us some information about the mask, and how it not only nourishes the skin with vitamin E, gold, and algae, but also applies an instant, pleasant heating sensation as soon as you use it. The box as a whole definitely impressed Samantha, and the Bionic Complex Mask was an invaluable inclusion in it.