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December 2, 2015

Melissa Pereira Reviews OROGOLD Products

Melissa Pereira is a former hair stylist and now both a mother and a YouTube beauty vlogger with a professional but relaxed and relate-able demeanor with a channel full of videos on skin care, makeup, personal vlogs, get-ready-with-me, and even some fun, artsy DIYs. Her videos open with cheery, happy music that set the tone for her content. She uploads videos every week, and Melissa herself explains that in her channel you will see a taste of her experiences with makeup, skincare, hair, clothes, and her life as a mom, among other things, giving her channel a wide appeal with a host of different but interrelated topics being covered.

In her video “Orogold 24k Product Review,” Melissa gives a reasonably lengthy, in-depth review of OROGOLD’s 24k Vitamin C line of products. She opens by explaining that her skin isn’t the healthiest, and she’s aware she has a few bad habits she intends to ditch that are currently making it hard to keep her skin in good shape, including not drinking enough water, bad diet, and smoking. Because of this, Melissa admits to having a hard time finding skincare products that actually work for her. That said, she’s found OROGOLD to do the job nicely so far, when nothing else really would.

She especially enjoyed the extravagant packaging of the products, the wonderful, fresh, mature yet rich citrus scent, and their supreme effectiveness. She noticed positive results as of the very first use, and only continued to see improvement in her skin. She noted she can see her dead skin coming off when she uses the deep peeling gel, and the moisturizers feel very effective and high-quality. Overall, she highly recommends OROGOLD to her viewers and is looking forward to trying out more OROGOLD products in the future, and is eager to see her skin only continue to improve over time with OROGOLD.