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January 6, 2016

Adriana Pina Reviews OROGOLD Products

Adriana Pina is a seasoned you-tuber who’s been making videos since 2012. Her self-named channel features a host of beauty-related videos on skincare, makeup, and more, with tutorials, hauls, tags, DIY, and lifestyle videos, among other things. She has a particularly notable dedication to the way she reviews skincare products, going so far as to use herself as a guinea pig and try the products herself for several weeks, sometimes even a couple months, before reviewing them. This lends her reviews a certain amount of weight and believability, as she actually adopts them into her routine for long enough to see real results, and can provide deeper insight into a product’s actual usefulness.

As such, a recent video on OROGOLD’s subscription box certainly got our attention. If Adriana said good things about our products after giving them a long and fair trial, that meant something. As one might expect, OROGOLD’s quality and signature use of gold flakes didn’t disappoint.

Adriana’s video “OROGOLD Unboxing & Review – Luxury Skincare Subscription Box 20% Discount Code!” is her review of OROGOLD’s unique subscription box, which features several luxury skin products intended for regular use, delivered throughout the year so you can have great skin all year round. In her usual fashion, she used all the products for some time before reviewing them and showcased each product separately after showing off the elegant package in its entirety.

She discussed the 24K Gold Milk Cleanser, 24K Deep Day Moisturizing Cream, and Salt Soufflé, making note of the elegant containers, the fact that only a small amount was needed for great results, and how nice they felt to use. Her review was honest, flattering, energetic, and fun to watch. She especially highlighted the 24K Gold Milk Cleanser, and how well it removed everything and left her face feeling amazing.