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February 16, 2016

Raven Lissette Unboxes the OROGOLD Box

Raven Lissette is a Vlogger and YouTube beauty guru with a cute, quirky, fun style and a vast array of beauty videos on her channel. A quick look the videos page on her channel shows she’s quite passionate about all things beauty, and especially makeup. She is self-professed obsessed with makeup, tattoos, and fashion, and it definitely shows.

In her video “Orogold Cosmetics Subscription Box Unboxing!!,” Raven discusses and opens up an OROGOLD Box in front of the camera. Since she hasn’t used the products yet and is opening the box for the first time in front of us, the feedback we get is very much a first impression, but we all know first impressions can be pretty important in getting us interested in something in the first place, so seeing such a candid, initial reaction is certainly valuable.

In the video, she discusses the price point of the subscription box service, and emphasizes it’s affordability and approachability as a way to try out a bunch of OROGOLD products before committing to buying the full-size stuff. She also discusses OROGOLD as a company, noting the use of gold in our products and the fact that OROGOLD products are cruelty-free.

Raven is notably impressed with the “gorgeous, beautiful packaging,” as she puts it, and is likewise enamored by the smell of the body cream, saying it smells really good, and “smells expensive,” which is certainly an interesting way to put it, but a flattering commendation to be sure.

Overall, Raven was quite impressed with the contents of the box, and certainly seemed excited to get to go try it out.