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January 30, 2016

Niki Murphy Reviews the OROGOLD Box

Niki Murphy is a YouTube beauty, lifestyle and fashion vlogger with videos on all manner of makeup, skincare, and fashion topics, with plenty of tutorials, hauls, and other miscellany to boot. She’s incredibly energetic and enthusiastic in her videos, and it’s contagious.

Niki’s video “OROGOLD Subscription Box | 2016” is a casual review of OROGOLD’s subscription box, and everything in it. The video opens on an exciting note, as Niki enthuses greatly about the subscription box service and how excited she is about it. She goes on to explain the ins and outs of the subscription system, emphasizing what an amazing value it is, and how it represents a fantastic opportunity for someone who’s considered trying OROGOLD products but been hesitant to invest in something they didn’t know for sure that they’d love, because it offers the ability to try a host of products for a solid chunk of time and decide if they’re right for you or not. Not only that, but she highlights the presence of exclusive discounts on full-size products inside the box.

Niki then opens the box and shows us each of the products while talking about her feelings on each. Beginning with the 24K Deep Renewal Night Cream, Niki says this is one she’s wanted to try for ages. According to her, the scent is fresh and light, the globe container adorable, and the cream very high quality. Next up is the OROGOLD Golden Body Butter, which Niki feels is simultaneously creamy while not being greasy, and gentle but highly moisturizing. Finally, she shows us the OROGOLD Purifying Facial Toner, which she’s only used a couple of times but finds quite fresh-feeling and cooling.

All in all, Niki makes an incredibly passionate and convincing case for the OROGOLD box, and obviously adores it herself.