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August 8, 2015

OROGOLD 24K Cyrogenic Collection Presented By Shahad Channel

Shahad Channel, a popular beauty and skin care YouTube channel run by Shahad, is one of the top destinations for women searching for hairstyle tutorials, makeup ideas, skin care tips, hair care advice, makeup how-tos for beginners, beauty product reviews and body care inspired by the Middle East and the Arabic culture.

In one of her videos titled “OROGOLD 24K Cyrogenic Collection Review” Shahad introduces our 24K Cyrogenic Collection to her viewers. She stresses on the importance of proper skin care and helps her viewers understand that even though girls think that skin care products shouldn’t be used at an early age, it is essential for women to start taking proper care of the skin once they’re 23 so as to ensure that they age gracefully, rather than having to run against time to try and fix the skin later on in their life.

She reviews each of the products on the OROGOLD 24K Cyrogenic Collection and also shows her viewers how to best use each product as a part of their skin care regimen. Shahad confesses that she is particularly impressed with the luxurious product packaging, and terms each product as justifying its cost because of the fact that it is very effective and contains expensive ingredients.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is delighted to see this refreshing video that offers a new take on how to add the 24K Cyrogenic Collection to one’s skin care routine. We would also like to thank Shahad for the effort she put in making this beautiful video.

Add the OROGOLD 24K Cyrogenic Collection into your life, give the collection a couple of months (as recommended by Shahad) to reveal that amazing and baby soft feel. Shahad felt instant results in terms of her fine lines, do let us know if the products worked the same way for you.