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August 15, 2015

Rebecca Brand Presents Recipes for Great Skin with OROGOLD Cosmetics

Rebecca Brand, a popular vlogger on YouTube, is famous as one of the top authorities on all things to do with food. She helps viewers understand how to cook tasty and delicious dishes with simple and easy-to-find ingredients using short cuts that she has developed through years of teaching herself how to cook. Rebecca took to cooking at the age of 7, starting out with basic ingredients and simple dishes. This idea of using simple ingredients to create dishes that look easy but deliver a flavorful punch stuck with her and she always concentrated on using ingredients that mattered. The reason why Rebecca’s channel has more than 9,500,000 views is simple. She makes cooking sound extremely interesting and a lot of fun.

In one of her recent videos titled “Recipes for Great Skin”, Rebecca diverted from her cooking recipes and featured products from OROGOLD Cosmetics as her secret ingredients to look good. Rebecca starts off her video by saying just how difficult it is for women to maintain their good looks, and the task just keeps getting harder with every passing day. When introduced to OROGOLD products, Rebecca threw an OROGOLD product trying party and tested out some of our products along with her bestie. Here is what she has to say.

Rebecca starts off her OROGOLD review with the 24K CyrogeniC Contour Eye Firming Cream. She mentions how important it was for her to have something that helped her get rid of those lines from her eye area. She talks about her struggle of trying all kinds of products and spending a lot of money on skin care, but not getting any results. After trying out our eye cream, she finds out that she really likes this product, particularly its buttery-yet-not-greasy consistency.

Rebecca moves on to review the 24K CyrogeniC Pearl Elixir. She mentions that she applies the product each night before going to bed to help deal with her fine lines and wrinkles, something which she believes her skin is full of.

Rebecca says that the thing she likes about OROGOLD products the most is the ingredient formulation of each product. She discusses the importance of using vitamins, ingredients which aren’t just beneficial for the inside of your body, but also for your external youthfulness and glow. She also talks about other ingredients used in OROGOLD products and says that some ingredients are there to help one feel more girly while others are there to help produce more collagen to promote youthful looks. Rebecca concludes her video by saying that she’s happy to have OROGOLD Cosmetics in her life to help her on her path towards younger-looking skin.

OROGOLD would like to thank Rebecca for this amazing video and hope that our 24K CyrogeniC line works for your skin issues the way it’s been working on her skin.