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February 22, 2016

SuperPrincessjo Reviews 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection

SuperPrincessjo is a youtube beauty channel owned by Jyoti, a professional beauty vlogger who specializes in easy to follow makeup videos, hair care, skin care, DIY projects, and various tips and tricks. As both a vlogger and a blogger, she has her own website at Jyoti enjoys sharing her life with her viewers, and is not only a beauty vlogger but something of a “standard” vlogger too, in that she gives updates on her personal life with some regularity in addition to or combined with beauty related videos.

In her video “JANUARY 2016 FAVOURITES | SuperPrincessjo,” Jyoti runs down a list of her favorite things from the month, including both interesting products and services she’s discovered and recommends to her viewers, and recent events in her life she’s enjoyed and been happy about.

Her list includes many and varied things, including an app called Clue that tracks your menstrual cycle and associated feelings and habits for you so you can better understand it, a handy perfume carrier that keeps perfume safe and easy to access on the go in an elegant and convenient container, a fun family beach day with her husband and son, and a conference at the Google office where she got to share her blogging experience.

And of course, her monthly favorites video also included some delightful OROGOLD products. Specifically, she showed off the 24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling, the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night and Day Creams, and 24K Termica Activation Serum. She loves the elegant packaging of OROGOLD products and the fact that there are a wide variety of products suitable to various skin care needs and skin types. Jyoti herself has combination skin, which can be notoriously difficult to care for, but she claims to have been quite satisfied with all the OROGOLD products she’s used on her own skin.