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February 20, 2016

RaisingHazel Reviews the OROGOLD Box

RaisingHazel Is a channel by a young lady named Mikah, who originally started the channel when she got pregnant with her kid Hazel, as she wanted to document and share her journey into motherhood. Currently, the channel sticks around as a way for her to share her life as a mom, with weekly updates and vlogs detailing how everything is going.

While not the main focus of her channel, Mikah occasionally posts videos not directly related to motherhood, discussing other things she enjoys, like makeup, beauty, lifestyle videos, and of course, skincare.

In her video “OROGOOLD COSMETICS UNBOXING,” Mikah gives us a raw first impression on the OROGOLD subscription box by unboxing it and trying all the products out for the first time, right in front of us. She opens with a discussion of the subscription box and what it is, prices, and also a bit about OROGOLD in general, including the use of gold in all products.

When opening the box itself, she commented, seeming impressed, at the elegant packaging, particularly appreciating the bow, saying it looked a bit like a fancy, expensive box of chocolates. She then proceeds to extract all the products, and one by one, read off information while trying them on her own skin for the first time and telling us her first impressions.

Mikah liked all three quite a bit (the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream, the 24K Milk Cleanser, and the Salt Souffle), but found the Salt Souffle especially impressive. She was wowed but the fresh, clean and pleasing scent of all the products, and noted that she could see her skin looking and feeling better after just the one use. The souffle, she said, seemed to offer a very gentle, but effective, exfoliation. Overall, this Vlogger’s first impression was a pretty good one.